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Surfing in Newfoundland?

Surfing in Newfoundland is about as exotic as it gets. This island portion of Canada's most easterly province boasts unlimited coastline and waves for miles. If you're willing to explore, you can find waves and breaks at every turn. It's like the Atlantis of surfing, one of the last raw and pristine surfing destinations that are still mostly undiscovered.

If you're new to the sport and just getting your feet wet or are a seasoned rider looking for the next break to discover, the same rules apply; be kind, share your love of the sport with others, and respect the locals. The ocean is for everyone and the locals in Newfoundland are about as welcoming as it gets, but even the most remote surf spots can feel crowded on a busy day, and if you're still new and working things out, paddling out into a line-up on a day it's firing can be intimidating at best. Take your time to get acquainted with new surf spots and talk to locals about where the best place is to go. Take your time, watch from shore, and if in doubt, don't go out.

So what are the waves like? Newfoundland offers everything from knee-high beach break perfect for beginner SUP surfers looking to catch their first ride to ultra-consistent point breaks where you can get barrelled all day long. We have big offshore steamers, short-ride novelty waves, and unique bays that, when working, offers some of the best surf conditions on the planet. In Newfoundland, you can surf all year long, and the winter surf scene here is fantastic. But don't take our word for it. Check out this video of one of our favourite Newfoundland surf spots (location withheld).


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