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All About The Newfoundland Ocean Lodge

The Ultimate Newfoundland Vacation Rental. Super clean, chic, private, close to everything, and located right on the ocean next to the largest population of Humpback Whales on the planet. Situated so close, not only will you see whales, but you can hear them breathe.


Overlooking the Marine Ecological Reserve, this private Lodge is also directly on the East Coast Trail and just a 5 min drive to restaurants, boat tours, wine shops, coffee shops, breakfast diner, and more. Totally private and amazing. If this rental is available on the dates you're looking for, you're crazy not to book it.


Newfoundland Ocean Lodge is the ultimate private retreat next to the ocean


Relax in your giant open concept Nordic-style lodge with panoramic glass windows overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Witless Bay Ecological Reserve, and Humpback Whale Feeding Grounds. Located directly on the East Coast Trail next to Cribbies Meadows. 

Modern fusion decor, a large open living room, and a world-class open concept kitchen design mean you can look over the Atlantic Ocean with your morning coffee, settle down with a glass of wine over dinner, and stay connected with friends and family when preparing food and spending time together.

Newfoundland Ocean Lodge has three bedrooms, all with comfortable beds and windows so close to the ocean you can hear whales when you sleep with them open. It's a great place to relax after whale watching, hiking the East Coast Trail, or reading the new book you picked out at the bookstore up the lane.

On a nice day, the oceanside deck offers the best views of the Atlantic and is a great place to spot whales, marine mammals, and rare seabirds. The large Nordic style open concept living area is surrounded by panoramic windows overlooking humpback whale feeding grounds, great for entertaining and connecting with family and friends. 

Located in the middle of everything, 30 min from St. John's, and close to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Provincial Parks, all the popular East Coast Trail Hikes, restaurants, boat tours, grocery stores, and more. The ultimate vacation rental in the best location.

  • Where is the Newfoundland Ocean Lodge?
    The Newfoundland Ocean Lodge is in the town of Tors Cove.
  • How can I book a stay?
    You can go to to book your stay, we'd be delighted to have you.
  • Rental Cars are hard to get, is there a Shuttle Service in the area?
    Yes, in fact the Southern Shore Taxi operates just for that purpose, many people choose to hike the East Coast Trail, and have little need to rent a car, so they call our friends at Southern Shore Taxi. We have a request form you can fill out here: and we can arrange it for you. Be sure to book fast, their services are in high demand.
  • Why can I only book Ocean Lodge on AirBnb?
    Airbnb offers one of the safest and most secure ways of booking accommodation which is why Ocean Lodge exclusively uses Airbnb as it’s booking partner.
  • How do I know I’m getting the best deal on my stay at Ocean Lodge?
    Because all Ocean Lodge reservations are exclusively done through Airbnb, you always get the best price. You can even search the online calendar for the price of any future date at any time, automatically giving you access to the best deals and discounts on your stay at Ocean Lodge.
  • Where can I read reviews on Ocean Lodge?
    Because all bookings at Ocean Lodge are made with Airbnb, it’s easy to read real reviews from real guests. Only guests that actually stayed are allowed to post a review on Airbnb which means reviews are always real and authentic.
  • What if I need something during my stay at Ocean Lodge? Who do I contact?
    You can contact Ocean Lodge anytime by phone or via Airbnb instant messaging. This means you have access to full customer service and support from the moment you make your reservation and throughout the duration of your stay.
  • Is my reservation secure when I use Airbnb to book my stay at Ocean Lodge?
    Yes, your booking is secure. guaranteed, and fully backed by Airbnb. Because Airbnb is used to secure your reservation at Ocean Lodge, everything is transparent, simple, and secure. It’s also easy to check dates, modify your existing reservation, and communicate directly with Ocean Lodge. We’re here to help, so if you need anything just send us a message or give us a call anytime
  • I don’t know how to book on Airbnb. Can I still book Ocean Lodge?
    Do you want to reserve Ocean Lodge but don’t understand how to book on Airbnb? Enter your name and phone number in the call me form below. One of our booking specialists will call you right away and walk you through the process. Let us show you just how simple, easy, and fun it is to book your stay at Ocean Lodge with Airbnb.
  • I want to talk to a live person before reserving Ocean Lodge. How do I speak with an Ocean Lodge customer service agent?
    Want to talk to an Ocean Lodge reservation agent and booking specialist? Fill in your name and telephone number in the call me form below and the next available representative will call you right away.

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