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SUP Surfing in Newfoundland and why it's cool

When we refer to surfing, we're talking about catching a wave. That can be on a traditional prone surfboard, where you lay on your stomach and paddle out with your hands, on a SUP surfboard, where you start off standing and use a paddle to propel yourself in and out of waves, or in countless other ways, from body surfing to boogie boards and kayaks. The gear may be different but the concept is the same. A wave is a wave is a wave.

Because SUP surfboards are often longer and higher volume than traditional prone surfboards, and because you have a paddle that can produce more power compared with paddling with your hands, SUP surfers often have an easier time catching a wave. SUP surfing is also great in small conditions, when waves are too small for traditional prone surfing it may be ideal for SUP surfing. This means you can catch more waves more often, which equates to more ride time for you.

If you've never tried SUP surfing then you're really missing out on a good time. Whether you're new to surfing or are a prone surfing champ, we challenge you to give SUP surfing a try. It's just another tool to get out there and ride, which is what it's all about.


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