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Newfoundland Ocean Lodge

The Perfect Newfoundland Oceanside Lodge

If you're looking for a private lodge beside the ocean, a Newfoundland Oceanside Lodge is worth looking into. The Newfoundland Ocean Lodge in Tors Cove is just a short drive from St. John's and is a totally private Nordic-style ocean lodge directly on the ocean overlooking the main islands of the marine ecological reserve and Humpback Whale Feeding Grounds. The lodge is just a short drive from St. John's, has lots of space for your family or friends, and is pet friendly. It's also one of the best-reviewed private lodge vacation rentals in Newfoundland, and if you've already had the pleasure of staying, you know why.

Newfoundland Ocean Lodge can sleep eight people

With four bedrooms and space for up to 8 people, Newfoundland Ocean Lodge has room for your family and friends. This makes the Newfoundland Ocean Lodge in Tors Cove an ideal venue for a group of friends, a family meet-up, or a dinner party. It's also a great place to spot whales and other marine life. With an outdoor whale-watching deck and windows facing the ocean, there's no lack of scenery.

Ideal for Family Get Togethers

Looking for the perfect spot to spend time with your family? Do you have extended family coming and need a venue that's comfortable and spacious? Newfoundland Ocean Lodge has everything you need. The kitchen is large and stocked with everything you need to start cooking. A large table and central island are ideal for hosting and hanging out. Watch movies together in the spacious living room, play board games, and enjoy your very own Newfoundland oceanside lodge.

Looking for the perfect spot to get together with the Girls?

If you're looking for a private lodge that's easy to access and has everything you need for a comfortable and fun night, Newfoundland Ocean Lodge is a perfect fit. This Newfoundland oceanside lodge is close enough to St. John's that everyone can easily drive there, yet it's private and exclusive. It also has the best-ever view of the ocean. The lodge features a large entertaining area and has a five-star open-concept kitchen, which makes it ideal for hosting dinner parties and entertaining. This is a great spot to eat, enjoy wine, play games, and be in the company of your friends in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

The Ocean Lodge has everything you need to host a dinner party

Do you need to host a dinner? Are you looking for a perfect spot that's conducive to cooking and entertaining? The Newfoundland Ocean Lodge has everything you need to make it a smash hit. Even the most discerning of chefs will be impressed with the gas range, spacious open-concept entertaining kitchen, and stainless steel appliances. The lodge has all the items to make your dinner party complete, so put on your chef hat and cook up a storm, or get pizza, and snacks, and hang out together at your own private Newfoundland oceanside lodge. It's up to you.

Ocean Lodge is a Big, Chic, Nordic Style Lodge overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, located just outside St. John's, Newfoundland

Newfoundland Ocean Lodge is an open-concept Nordic-style lodge overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Because the kitchen, entertaining area, and living room all fuse together, this Newfoundland oceanside lodge feels welcoming and has a great vibe. The main windows of the lodge face directly over the ocean, giving you the best view and total privacy.

The Perfect Meeting and Workshop Venue

Looking for the best spot ever to host your next meeting or workshop? Newfoundland Ocean Lodge offers a distraction-free motivational setting with reliable high-speed internet, an oversized table, a discussion island, and a modern lounge area to kick back and explore ideas. If you and your team need a thnk-outside-the-box venue, Newfoundland Ocean Lodge might be a perfect fit. With a paid shuttle service available from St. John's International Airport (YYT) and Downtown St. John's, you can host your meeting in a retreat setting at Newfoundland Ocean Lodge and have a reliable link to the airport and capital city whenever you want.

Lots of Free Parking with room for everyone

Newfoundland Ocean Lodge has lots of free secure on-site parking with room for up to 8 vehicles. There are also several Free EV Chargers near the Oceanside Lodge and throughout the Witless Bay Marine Ecological Reserve. This means EV drivers have plenty of options to charge up and everyone has their own free parking spot.

Outdoor Year-Round Barbecue Overlooking the Ocean

The outdoor barbecue at Newfoundland Ocean Lodge directly overlooks the ocean and is available for use all year. This means you can cook up all your barbecue favourites on an oceanside deck overlooking a Seabird Sanctuary and an area known for marine mammals. The scenery at this Newfoundland oceanside lodge is perfect.

Ocean Lodge is Pet Friendly

Traveling with a pet? Did you know Newfoundland Ocean Lodge is pet friendly? The lodge is actually great for pets. The backyard area offers shelter even on the windiest of days, which means it's easy to take your dog in or out, and there are lots of great paths right next to the lodge if you're looking for a good spot to go for a walk.

Finding the perfect spot is hard, especially one that's totally private, has lots of space, and is ideal for everything from a family event to a girls' night out. Luckily, Newfoundland Ocean Lodge is the perfect spot. All you need to do is make sure you book it before someone else does.


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